GPS combined with Audio

Such Tracker combines the functions of a spy listening device with those of a GPS tracker. In other words, any room can acoustically monitored and also the coordinates of the tracker will be transferred to a mobile phone via SMS. This is possible and from any point on Earth.

The Tracker has a highly sensitive GPS chip that also works inside buildings if enough large windows are present. The device operates on one of the four global GSM “Quad Band” frequencies and can be dialed from a pre-programmed number. A few seconds later, everything can be overheard. The tracker remains “silent”, where nothing points out that it is enabled. It is also possible to communicate via the tracker, where the called party hears the voice of the built-in speakers and can immediately respond, almost as “normal” in a mobile phone is possible. These must be inserted a GSM SIM card. Thereafter, it is possible to pre-program up to three numbers. Distances or time differences are irrelevant.

The device works on all four GSM frequency bands, ie 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz and can therefore also be used in the US .. The device is not protected by SIM, that works completely independent of a specific network provider. Use it finds in monitoring elderly people, children, pets, or as part of an acoustic monitoring of conference rooms, offices, vacation houses, in the car or at the cottage. Even luggage, laptop, briefcase or handbag can be safely monitored without interruption. It is possible that it is remotely activated via SMS from the carrier manually or by a pre-programmed phone and disabled either.

The device sends a text message to one of the three pre-programmed phone numbers with the latitude and longitude of the current location. Furthermore, it is possible to send coordinates via SMS to the tracker. This responds with information about latitude and longitude, as well as the speed and time. The tracker will also send its location at preprogrammed time intervals via SMS and a defined number.

In an acoustic surveillance on demand, can be dialed from a preset number from which in the wake of the Tracker and the built-in microphone is activated, which is not displayed. If previously a virtual boundary was defined, the GPS Tracker will alert you when they enter and will leave. This is also possible when reaching a predefined speed.